Our web site collects non-personal information from online visitors in order to track the total number of visitors and category searches on the site in aggregate form. This information allows us to continuously improve our web site.

Information that can identify a visitor, such as a name or address, is not collected in this process, nor does Asante require disclosure of such information to third parties. Information that can identify a visitor is collected only when the visitor provides it voluntarily.

Asante reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time for future visitors. Any changes in this policy will be posted promptly to this web site.

Address Verification

Address verification is a precautionary measure Asante performs to ensure your safety and deter fraudulent activity. Asante conducts address verification through your credit card company to confirm your information and verify the validity of your purchase.  If you wish to ship to an address other than your billing address, please contact your primary bank and have your shipping destination added as an authorized alternate ship-to address on your online account. If necessary we will contact you for further information if needed. Both your billing and shipping addresses will be verified before Asante will ship order.